Shiva Thompson


Years of debilitating back pain and an increasingly stressful life style encouraged Shiva to begin her yoga journey in 2007. She quickly realized that yoga is more than just a tool to decompress the physical body, yoga is integrative science  that not only heals the body but also clears and purifies the mind. This inspired her to delve deeper. While living in Dallas, Texas, in 2018 Shiva made a 9 month commitment to ‘Manifest Your Inner Teacher’, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. This journey was led by Barb Totzke and Douchka Lecot, who poured into the aspiring teachers a wealth of expertise in many different schools of yoga.

After nearly a year of intense introspection Shiva earned her Yoga Alliance Certification.  Drawing from this experience, she weaves compassion, inclusivity, breath work, and self awareness into her classes. Her teaching style is a healing fusion between breath work and slow flow sequencing that touch body, mind and spirit. Shiva loves giving her students ‘food for thought’ and will often share nuggets of wisdom borrowed from poems by Middle Eastern mystics.