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Trauma Informed Yoga for Incarcerated Individuals and Those Struggling with Addiction

Join the Yoga 4 Change team for: Implementing Trauma Informed Practices when working with Incarcerated Populations and Those Suffering from Substance Abuse

This training is not just for Yoga teachers. Instead, this workshop is for anyone who works with (or is interested in working with) incarcerated individuals, or those suffering from substance abuse. You will gain valuable knowledge on how to incorporate yoga postures and breathing techniques the teacher and student's daily life - as well as being introduced to trauma informed practices to help empower their clients. This training will explore evidence based studies on these two populations, demonstrating how yoga as a practice can help individuals experiencing incarceration or addiction. 

Participants will leave this training with a better understand of how to interact with those who are incarcerated or suffering from addiction, as well as specific tools to utilize to help decrease their stress or anxiety, or increase/decrease energy levels depending on situations. 

Participants will also learn strategies or techniques for establishing yoga programs in detention centers or rehabilitation facilities, as well as investigae the practical application of yoga for emotional or psychological issues. 

Yoga 4 Change hopes to make this training accessible for everyone, so scholarships are an option if needed. Please reach out to us: 904-510-2004/

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