Evaluation 4 Change

Evaluation 4 Change is a program created through a partnership between Yoga 4 Change and Boston University. The team initially was formed because of their individual work in the yoga sector, and their desire to assist other nonprofits achieve sustainability by proving program impact from a research or evaluation lens.

The team solidified their relationship through a grant from the Chartrand Family Fund which allowed the research and evaluation of Yoga 4 Change’s correctional programming. More recently, Evaluation 4 Change is expanding their research and impact through a grant made possible from the Florida Blue Foundation in collaboration with Mental Health America.

Evaluation 4 Change supports Yoga 4 Change’s mission of ensuring the organization’s purpose driven yoga program continues to create life-changing programming by offering program and curriculum feedback, while also lifting up the yoga service sector as a whole because of the research and evaluations done on other organizations.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities to have your own program evaluated, please contact us: