Megan started doing yoga while incarcerated and loved that it made her feel like she was escaping for an hour. Once released, she was faced with the same substance abuse issues and went to rehab two more times. Yoga 4 Change was at each of those facilities. Feeling like there was some significance there, she began digging into her own practice, wanting to see why it made her feel so different. The days between the Yoga 4 Change classes she began practicing on her own, inviting the other women to join her. The clarity and freedom that was experienced from practicing had her hooked. By the time she got out of rehab she had a consistent yoga and meditation practice which continues to play a significant role in her recovery. Now free from all institutions, she began to focus her efforts on her practice, seeking proper alignment as well as how to speak to what she was feeling inside her body. She found self-worth on her yoga mat and since then, self-care and self-love became daily efforts. In wanting to give back what was so freely given to her, she was one of 3 graduates from the second Y4C teacher trainings.