Jamie Rosseland


Jamie Rosseland is a Survivor Mentor at the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center and the Director of Marketing at Free Our Girls. Passionate about improving care for those impacted by sexual exploitation and shifting the focus in the anti-trafficking movement to community accountability, and ending demand, she has committed herself to serve the community through her work, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Leveraging her lived experiences, Jamie is able to connect with clients, community members, and stakeholders in a unique way, sharing a needed perspective of someone who has had similar life experiences to those being served by non-profits. In 2018, Jamie was awarded the Survivor Advocate of the Year Award presented by former Attorney General Pam Bondi and Senator Rick Scott.

In her spare time, you can find Jamie studying or meeting with friends in coffee shops, going on adventures with her son, or practicing creative expression. Jamie is proud to be on the board of Yoga-4-Change because she was one of Kathryn’s first students and knows how impactful the classes can be.