Ashley is a yoga teacher and therapist with over 10 years of experience. She was first introduced to yoga at age 15 when her two sisters became teachers. It took until graduate school for the practice to become an inextricable part of her life. As a student of psychology she was blown away by the overlap of traditional eastern yoga teachings and western psychology. This enhanced her desire to continue studying, learning and looking for more ways to share what she was taking away from the practice with others. Working with students, teachers and clients in a wide array of settings, Ashley aims to teach ways to find mental, physical and emotional balance both on the mat and off. Much of her work has focused on eating disorders and trauma. With this, she holds a strong value in creating a safe space to learn, explore, practice and to find ease and even fun in the process. When she isn't working yoga magic, you can find her with her family. Ashley is a mother of 3 awesome kiddos and wife of one amazing scientist.