During the Summer of 2014 Alan took his first yoga class with Yoga 4 Change while incarcerated. A long history of drug abuse and violence led him to this life-changing practice. He was one of two people to complete teacher training through Yoga 4 Change in December of 2017, and by March of 2018 quit his day job to pursue teaching full time. He has a deep love for anatomy and human movement, which fuels his desire to continue learning. He is grateful beyond words for the opportunity to share a yoga practice with others, and continues to explore the ever-growing levels of freedom it provides! Alan says Yoga 4 Change not only saved his life, but provided an opportunity to focus all of his working energy on becoming a more informed and engaged teacher, to perform at a higher level of service to his students. When he's not teaching or providing support to students, you can find him at the park with family, doing acro yoga, or climbing just about anything.